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Focus Africa Inc. is a non-governmental organization of Christian women and men committed to supporting Christ-centered women’s and children’s resource centers in Africa. We began as an outgrowth of a conference held in 2004 by concerned pastors and their congregations.  Brian Larmour and Allan Ronald MD called all other denominations in Manitoba to form a committee to learn what the church’s role should be in the HIV / AIDS pandemic.

The conference was called Embracing Opportunities, the churches response to HIV / AIDS in Africa. It was held at the Calvary Temple in Winnipeg and 300-400 attended with speakers from the AIDs community in Winnipeg as well as from Kenya, Uganda and Canada. We were tasked with ending the conference with a vision of ‘What Next’.  “We could not gather all this information and feel this pain and not respond”

We are committed to partnering with HIV / AIDs agencies and support groups in Winnipeg.


Our sincere desire is to be a voice of hope and to make a difference in the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. 


To support Christ-centered, multi-use resource and medical centers that nurture, educate, train and empower HIV/AIDS infected and affected women and children in Africa through community based global partnerships with churches, agencies and individuals.

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Focus Africa welcomes you to join us in helping disadvantaged children get an education. Did you know that sunset comes early near the equator? Can you imagine walking home from school on a dark road, or having only a small candle to light up your book as you try to read or study? Would you be willing to help change this by buying a LuminAID light?

LuminAID is a solar-powered lamp with a blow-up bag which acts as a reflector. All of the children in a family benefit from the gift of one light. Under a 4 ft. square illuminated area, everyone can do their homework and study. With this simple gift of light, each child now has the hope of going to high school and even University.

Support Focus Africa in spreading this simple gift of light by buying a LuminAID gift card for either a boy or a girl.