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Our Story


Focus Africa Inc. is a non-governmental organisation of Christian women and men committed to supporting Christ-centered women’s and children’s resource centers in Africa. Our sincere desire is to be a voice of hope and to make a difference in the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.Focus Africa operates under International Christian Mission Services (ICMS) and complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with ICMS.

ICMS has direction and control of the resources donated to ICMS on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work that we do.  For more information on ICMS, please visit www.icmsgo.com.

We are currently working with Beacon of Hope, a registered Christian charity in Nairobi, Kenya. Beacon of Hope was begun by a Kenyan business woman, Jane Wathome in 2002 to address the needs of women and children in a large rural slum in Ongata Rongai, on the outskirts of the city of Nairobi. This community has a population of about 147,000. For more information on Beacon of Hope please visit www.beaconafrica.org

The mission of Beacon of Hope is to bring hope to women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS within poor communities in Kenya by equipping them and empowering them to meet their spiritual, physical, emotional and economic needs. To date, about 3000 women have been assisted through training in income-generating programs, to be independent, to leave prostitution, and to have resources for their children to be fed and schooled.

Focus Africa is committed to the sustainability of the work at Beacon of Hope. To fulfil this purpose, Focus Africa is currently building a residence for the Internship Program at Beacon of Hope. The Internship Program enables individuals from other communities in Africa to come to Beacon of Hope to train and develop their own community initiatives in working with those affected by HIV/AIDS. Beacon of Hope’s vision is to work with these communities until they become their own Beacon of Hope and are able to reach out and train communities around them.

In the past, Focus Africa helped with the construction of the medical clinic, the preschool, and the short courses building that houses the grandmother’s initiatives, an elementary school classroom and the youth computer training.